Maxi skirts have always been one of the major trends, and a true fashionista should have at least one in the wardrobe. Those wonderful skirts are some of these pieces of clothing that you can still wear, both in the remaining winter months and in the times when temperatures will start to rise again. Are maxi skirts still in style 2022?

Here are some tips:

  • For cold evenings, you can wear a maxi skirt from a thicker material, which you can combine with a leather jacket or jeans. For a totally original look, you can wear some oversized rings, it is important not to overdo it;
  • The longer the skirt, the more spectacular it is, it is recommended a length to the ground especially if the skirt has a high waist. Choose to wear the maxi skirt only with shoes without heels, preferably with low sandals, the ballerinas will thicken your ankle.
  • If you are the type of woman drawn through the ring, then you can wear any maxi skirt model, even from those that give volume to the body.
  • If you are too tall, choose to wear maxi skirts to the ground and wear sandals, or any other footwear on small heels.
  • In the case of women of small stature, they can wear long skirts with high shoes, to gain a few centimeters in height;
  • The maxi skirt looks best with t-shirts and molded tops;
  • To highlight your silhouette, you will have to wear a skirt with a high waist.

The material of the maxi skirt should be light, in summer and the cut must be lightweight. I guarantee that you will attract all eyes and have a light breeze all day. The feeling is unmatched. Be brave and have trust in you and in your look. It is very important to feel comfortable and confident.

For an evening outfit, the long slit skirt will have its effect. The slit lets discreetly glimpse the leg, on the side (s), or even in the middle. The long pleated skirt is very chic; it is also easier to twist it with a garment or an accessory whose style contrasts, like a black leather jacket. A long, loose-fitting skirt, with a floral fabric, for example, will be in the purest boho vein, especially if it is accompanied by a loose T-shirt. In cotton, with stripes, the long straight skirt will give an ideal casual style, especially if it is associated with a pair of Converse or flat shoes. And for an urban style, the long pencil skirt with sandals with wedge heels will be ideal for a day at the office. In summer, you want to breathe without having to reveal your complexes. This is why the long skirt is a perfect asset for the whole summer season. Cotton or muslin, it is airy and floats nicely around the legs. To emphasize the size, it is advisable to tuck your top into the skirt or add a belt. You can also choose a flat belly effect model, like the high waist skirt or wrap. The colors white, beige, caramel, pink, powdered … will all be very easy to wear throughout these sunny months.
We wear it with a tank top, a shirt which we can tie the sides, a printed T-shirt, a crop top … All combinations are possible, provided you do not crush the silhouette.

Maxi skirts have been fashionable many times in the history of fashion, but each time they have returned with a change, adding something fresh and unexpected for fashionistas. This summer, maxi skirts come with a variety of colors (blue, green, turquoise, red, as well as neutral ones such as black and white and pastel colors) and prints (leopard, stripes, floral, etc.). The designs of the maxi skirts are also different, folded, draped, asymmetrical, with ruffles, straight.

Maxi wood is a versatile piece. It is great for any shape and when chosen correctly it can cover problem areas and emphasize qualities.


– tall women who want to look shorter should choose a maxi skirt in two colors separated by a horizontal line. Low sandals, a bolero and a short blazer will help create a shorter look.
– short women should wear floor-length skirts with molded tops and V-necklines and heels to lengthen their figure. It would be wise to stay away from prints because they will make you look shorter.
– skinny girls can try the most trendy design of the maxi skirt – pleated skirt. But plump women to avoid it. You should also be careful with molded skirts, which accentuate the areas you would like to hide.
– dark maxi skirts create the illusion of a slim figure in the hips and bottom area.

Are Maxi Skirts Still In Style 2022
Are Maxi Skirts Still In Style 2022
Are Maxi Skirts Still In Style 2022
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