Maxi skirts have always been one of the major trends, and a true fashionista should have at least one in the wardrobe. Those wonderful skirts are some of these pieces of clothing that you can still wear, both in the remaining winter months and in the times when temperatures will start to rise again. Are maxi skirts still in style 2023?

Maxi skirts have been fashionable many times in the history of fashion, but each time they have returned with a change, adding something fresh and unexpected for fashionistas. This summer, maxi skirts come with a variety of colors (blue, green, turquoise, red, as well as neutral ones such as black and white and pastel colors) and prints (leopard, stripes, floral, etc.). The designs of the maxi skirts are also different, folded, draped, asymmetrical, with ruffles, straight.

Long Split Leg Skirt – Sophisticated and elegant, these are usually worn by ladies and young ladies at various events. Long skirts with slits are very comfortable, suit any body type and can be matched in many combinations. For example, you can wear a simple corset, a handbag and a pair of sandals or heels.

When you think of high cleavage, the first thing that comes to mind is the fabulous dresses of celebrities that can be seen on the red carpet. But this hot trend has been taken to a whole new level and now you can see many women choosing to wear it even as part of their street style look. So, today we have picked several outfit ideas with slit skirts to show you how to wear the trend this summer. They can be found in so many versatile styles and colors. Some can be midi, some maxi, and have a single large slit or maybe even two for a more fabulous look. The best way to style these skirts is to pair them with simple tops and simple accessories. This is, of course, a rule for street looks. And when you want to wear such skirts as part of night outfit combinations, you can wear them with dressier tops.

Long pleated skirt – Skirts of this kind are usually made of simple materials and easy to match. They can be worn both with t-shirts, sports blouses, cropped or oversized blouses and oversized hoodies, as well as with something more elegant, such as shirts. On your feet you can wear boots, boots, sandals and heels, all of which are suitable for this type of skirt. Long pleated skirts are one of the most suitable options for various outfits, and you probably already have at least one color, length or style option in your wardrobe, and if you don’t, you will definitely adopt this model for this year. Pleated skirts look good on any type of figure, so you will end up wearing them anywhere and anytime, both in spring and summer.

Long pleated skirts are your main ally, because they are extremely versatile and can be your salvation when you run out of ideas for a certain outfit. The pleated skirt is an item that can be easily worn by any woman, regardless of body shape, as its cut highlights your most beautiful features, hiding small imperfections. Also, this type of skirt has become extremely popular, as you can wear a pleated skirt in any season and at almost any event. In order to enhance an outfit, I believe that shoes and accessories play an extremely important role.

Long skirt with floral print – In spring and summer, floral print skirts will always be in fashion, as colorful and thin as possible. These are very simple to match, but you will have to keep in mind only one basic rule. If you choose to combine with a t-shirt or a shirt, it is absolutely necessary not to wear them over the skirt, but to arrange them underneath. This way you will highlight your waist and give an elegant air to the whole outfit. If the skirt is very colorful, it is advisable to choose simple colors in the upper part. On your feet you can wear sandals, ballet flats or even canvas sneakers.

This season is ideal for bringing colorful, cheerful prints with botanical or floral motifs to your outfits. Skirts full of flowers and color give you a romantic and diaphanous air that goes perfectly with spring. Regardless of the model you choose, it is important to keep in mind some essential rules when wearing a flowered skirt. First of all, choosing the top should be done very carefully. Because the skirt already has a rich pattern through the multicolored drawn flowers, it is preferable to opt for a top in one color.

How to combine maxi skirts

A maxi skirt will always be the key accessory to highlight your figure. The important thing is to take care of colors, prints and materials when you want to complete your outfit. In general, they are easy to match and very comfortable, especially now that you can easily combine them even with sneakers, boots or boots.

Opt for pastel, nude, strong colors, with floral prints, geometric or abstract shapes. For occasions that require a more elegant outfit, when you go out to a restaurant, have a business meeting or are at work, it is advisable not to wear long skirts, but of medium length, a few centimeters below the knee. These models will give you a more sophisticated look.

With a loose shirt – Nothing like a high-wasted midi skirt to complete a summer outfit.

With flat sandals – Keep it simple, maybe add a small uni-color bag.

With a crop top – You will certainly feel amazing. It is a common and easy to wear combo.


– tall women who want to look shorter should choose a maxi skirt in two colors separated by a horizontal line. Low sandals, a bolero and a short blazer will help create a shorter look.
– short women should wear floor-length skirts with molded tops and V-necklines and heels to lengthen their figure. It would be wise to stay away from prints because they will make you look shorter.
– skinny girls can try the most trendy design of the maxi skirt – pleated skirt. But plump women to avoid it. You should also be careful with molded skirts, which accentuate the areas you would like to hide.
– dark maxi skirts create the illusion of a slim figure in the hips and bottom area.

Choose a pleated maxi skirt and an elegant silk blouse for a sophisticated appearance. Make sure the blouse has a V-neckline and allows accessorizing with a statement necklace or, why not, a set of necklaces.

A long skirt will always be the key accessory to highlight your figure. The important thing is to take care of colors, prints and materials when you want to compete your outfit.

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