The Leather Jacket Fashion Icon

The leather jacket has stood the test of time and has become a fashion evergreen. From the classic model to the biker or bomber, there is a variant for each and different outfit with a leather jacket that will bring the “cool” factor in your autumn wardrobe. Suitable for both club outfits and dinner in the city, this garment can be easily styled. You just have to know what version fits you. Simplicity and the right measure are the key words for this jacket model, which can be worn especially at the exits after the work program and at the weekend.

Are Leather Jackets in Style 2021

So, are leather jackets in style 2021, this is an important question, even if you are a huge fan of this item. The leather jacket is not only in trend, it is a must. We meet her every season at the catwalks of the big fashion houses. Designers from all over the world create leather jackets with sophisticated designs, at tailor-made prices. However, the most appreciated models remain the classic one, which preserves the lines drawn by Irving Schott in 1928. We can therefore ask ourselves if there is any other clothing object that would have remained so faithful to its creator… Eight decades later, inspired Schott’s creation remains a fashionable landmark. The leather jacket still makes a sensation.

When you talk about the classic leather jacket, most often the image of the classic biker that matches this piece with a motorcycle, a pair of tight leather pants and dull and imposing boots is most often remembered. Although it is very natural to associate the leather jacket with such items, you will create a very successful outfit if you combine it with diametrically opposed pieces. For example, you can match it with maxi dresses in clear materials, with jeans and a white T-shirt, flared pants, short dresses, but also with lace, velvet or silk pieces, for a truly unique look.

It is easiest to put the leather jacket down from the hanger and quickly get your hands on it when you have a casual or smart casual outfit, and the day is quite relaxed, even if you go to the office. This does not mean that you cannot wear the jacket in other situations that require a more refined clothing. Okay, you may not want to wear a leather jacket for a wedding or other event where the outfit needs to be more sophisticated (although you could do this if you are a more nonconformist), but that does not mean that you can’t wear it for an outing, an anniversary or an elegant party.

We know you have the impression that it is best to match the leather jacket with other pieces that have the same texture as the natural or ecological leather from which it is made. Matt to the mat, glossy to glossy, this sounds like the simplest mix of materials you can think of when creating an outfit based on at least two pieces. But the truth is that you can highlight each piece even better and alternate textures as different as possible, which complement each other perfectly. The point is to have the courage to go beyond routine and preconceptions, and you will see that the end result will not disappoint you.

Must-Have Piece In The Modern Man’s Wardrobe

As you know, the leather jacket is a must-have piece in the modern man’s wardrobe, always concerned and moving. Even more the biker jacket, which gives you a retro look, but at the same time sexy and cool, somehow the image of a Hollywood star. It really comes to mind now that the image of James Dean and all the actors who played bad boy roles and were backed by a retro motorcycle. The big men’s fashion houses have already included leather jackets in their collections this year, having in mind 20s fashion inspired skirts and Schott Perfecto jacket with an asymmetrical zipper, shoulder straps and belt. Thus, this year the designers also found modern interpretations and set new trends in men’s fashion.

Leather Jacket – An Item Of Fashionable Clothing

Nowadays, leather jackets represent not only a sign that a certain person is a lover of a musical genre (in other words, rock music), nor of any group of ferocious motorcyclists (a category in which women and women are admitted for some time), but a symbol for a free, secure being, more or less rebellious, which breaks conveniently and has the strength to prove who she really is.
Fashion designers from all over the world have been competing for the last decades in making all kinds of models of leather jackets for all tastes and occasions.

In other news, choose a quality leather jacket that will last you many years from now. Highlight it with white trios, jeans in dark colors, boots, boots or sneakers. Thus, you will be sure that you are in the trend.

In addition to versatility and comfort, a leather jacket is not a cheap investment, which is why it is important to know how to choose a model that suits your style of clothing and, of course, you have to be careful about the material from which it is made.

The leather jacket is not just a dress item, it is a lifestyle and a statement of style.

Versatile piece

Being an extremely versatile clothing item, you can wear a leather jacket in all daytime outfits: either at work, or at an elegant evening outing or at a business meeting. It outlines an elegant-sophisticated look and matches many of your wardrobe items. In addition, you can always wear a white shirt with her, for example. The leather jacket can be worn at office outfits, elegant events, at sports, or casual outfits. If at first the leather jacket was a symbol of the rebels and the army, today it is an iconic clothing piece, representative of the punk generation and for any modern man, who wants comfort and a well-defined clothing style. So, integrate the leather jacket into your outfits for the day and wear it with a thick sweater, black chinos and black leather boots for a cool outfit. Or along with a white shirt, slim fit black tie, skinny jeans and black shoes for a smart casual outfit. Your style is defined by what you want to convey.

Quality of the material

A quality leather jacket can last without problems for decades. It has the advantage that the signs of wear due to wearing are considered to ennoble the jacket, customizing it according to each wearer.
Generally, manufacturers use 7 types of leather: cow and calf (extremely durable, used for biker jackets), lamb (considered luxury leather due to its extremely fine texture), sheep and goat (finer grain, softer to even more malleable than cowhide), horse (leather used intensively in the 1940s and 1950s by the US military; very hard and heavy), pig (leather thin and considerably cheaper than the other two; generally used for jackets with lower prices).
Beyond durability, the advantage of a leather jacket is by far the number of ways it can be combined to wear, for both men and women. The “fight” is generally between the “aviator” model, with many pockets covered with flaps, a high collar and a cut away from the body, and the “motorcyclist”, a leather jacket with a simple pattern, molded on the wearer.

Leather jacket – a wearable garment for any age

In the right combination, a modern leather jacket, chosen from one of the collections of the year can greatly decrease the age of the mature person who wears it. But it’s all about attitude. In my opinion, in order to wear a leather coat properly, you must also have a dose of courage (lower or higher, depending on the chosen model!).
More than in the case of any other piece of clothing, a leather jacket turns you into a strong character, takes you out of the crowd, if it is intelligently accessorized and is part of a certain chosen outfit.
You can create your own style, starting from a natural or ecological leather jacket.

Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020
Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020
Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020
Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020
Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020
Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020
Are Leather Jackets In Style 2020

The leather jacket has stood the test of time and has become an evergreen of fashion. From the classic model to the biker or bomber, there is a variant for each and different outfit with a leather jacket that will bring the “cool” factor in your autumn wardrobe. Suitable for both club clothes and a dinner in the city, this garment can be easily stylized. You just have to know which option is right for you.
Outfits with classic leather jacket. Cool and simple – Simplicity and the right size are the key words for this jacket model, which can be worn especially at after-work outings and on weekends. If you were wondering if the leather jacket with sneakers works… well, yes! Combine with simple T-shirts, jeans and trainers to get a comfortable, relaxed outfit. The basic idea is not to wear sweaters or other thick clothes under the jacket because this model must emphasize your body line. If you want to wear it with a smart-casual outfit, change the shirt with a shirt and the trainers with a pair of Chelsea boots.
Biker jacket, a reference model in fashion – No wonder that the favorite piece of young people in the ’50s remained in men’s wardrobes for a long time and evolved through various stylistic attempts. You can go with the classic recipe of the young people of that time, wearing it with a pair of classic blue jeans, a white T-shirt and boots. Or you can bet on a more current approach, with worn-out jeans and an iconic Vans trainer model.
Varsity jacket, a leap towards ultra casual style – With a lighter cuter than other models of leather jackets, varsity is special because it combines leather with other material, usually cotton. Because it is perfect to highlight an athletic look, this model integrates perfectly with ultra casual outfits. For example, wear it with slim or baggy jeans, a Uni sweatshirt and runners, with a look inspired by the outfits of young college Americans.

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