Few women can resist the charm of dresses with applied flowers or some with a floral print, for the simple reason that flowers have always been a symbol of delicate beauty, but also a secret language of love. For hundreds of years, garments adorned with representations of peonies, water lilies, lilies of the valley or roses have enjoyed a growing popularity for women and men alike. Today, many celebrities wear with pleasure on the red carpet elegant models of dresses with applied flowers or floral print, simple or 3D, turning them into the most popular fashion trends.

Specific to the summer wardrobe (but not only), floral dresses should not be missing from your wardrobe. We love them because they are always in trend, because they can have multiple destinations and because they are so easy to match! And, last but not least, what we like most about flowered dresses is the optimistic state and the smile we offer to the spectators when we are dressed in a dress with a cheerful and multicolored print. Flowered dresses are the ones that make you feel good in summer, regardless of whether the sun shines in the sky or is more cloudy. If it is a day of vacation or a day of going to work.

Depending on their accessories, floral dresses can be very good for an office outfit or an informal outfit, just right to wear on weekends or holidays.

If you accessorize them with a pair of heeled sandals, a leather bag and a jacket, you will have the perfect outfit for a summer day at the office.

You may wear dresses with a floral print and floral embroidery, along with a leather jacket and boots. She wears dresses with big or small flowers, both during the day, in casual outfits, and in the evening or on an occasion. She wears models of flu-flu dresses made of materials such as jersey, casual, but also of precious textures, such as silk or veil.

I know it is unlikely to choose a flower dress model depending on the symbolic message they send, but I think you will find it interesting to know that, for example, the Japanese favorites in decorating kimonos, the majestic chrysanthemums that symbolized the sun, communicated and a subtle “I love you.” The rhodium flowers that adorned the Persian clothes of the Islamic period suggested fertility and abundance, while the indispensable tulips were the sign of perfect love between partners. Today, floral prints or applications are less specific and culturally significant, with designers focusing more on color harmony. They wear chrysanthemums, poppies, carnations, roses, peonies, hybrid flowers, in which the imagination combines with reality, of the most different dimensions, three-dimensional or applied. You only have to take into account a simple rule, which says that dresses with large flowers are better suited to plump silhouettes, and small or medium ones benefit from thin silhouettes, and after that you can be sure that wearing an elegant dress with applied or printed flowers at a special event you will capture absolutely all eyes and compliments.

As rules to match it, we have the following:

♥ the flowered dress is accessorized only with plain things, in order to avoid a too loaded look

♥ the jewelry you wear should be as simple as possible. Knit earrings, gold or silver, are the best choice. Avoid the chandelier or the very ornate ones, because you will load your outfit

♥ the material makes the difference – a flowered dress made of a very thin material will not be able to be worn at the office

♥ the bag you wear with a flowered dress should have the color that is most found in the print of the outfit, but if you feel that the end result is too strident, you can opt for a bag in a neutral shade or primary colors, such as blue, black, white, bronze or brown

♥ the flowered dress is never worn with a tights

♥ like hair styling, opt for light curls

♥ be as much creative as you can, wear it even with sneakers

♥ a nude make-up is the perfect choice, be sure about that

How to match? – Although at first sight it seems a real challenge, a floral print dress is not at all difficult to match. Because the model involves more colors (at least two) than the rest of your outfit you should adopt nude shades or solid colors. If the dress is full of color, there is no point in adding other prints! Thus, the bag, shoes, belt, necklace or scarf you wear around your neck… all of these must be in a shade that is as delicate as possible, as discreet and full as possible! If not, you run the risk of becoming impotent and like a rainbow. Imagine what it would look like if you wore a floral print dress, a polka dot scarf and a bag with geometric prints! The floral dress reveals (in essence) a very basic floral composition.

Thus, the same plant is multiplied to infinity, thanks to various representation techniques. Woven, embroidered or even knitted… either the flowers are strikingly realistic, or they are illustrated by abstraction. It is still preferable to avoid the “tapestry” effect of small field flowers, instead focusing on XXL patterns, and, if possible, different sizes. On the structural side, if the catwalk trend is long dresses, it is better to bet on simple and refined cuts to attenuate the overloaded palette of floral prints. Depending on individual tastes, the floral dress will be accessorized differently for a unique look. If you are going for a rather sober look, the floral dress will be worn with the essential heeled sandals or wedge espadrilles and the matching bag. If you want more daring, you can break this girly piece with a more rock register like ankle boots or biker boots. The floral dress can also be worn much more casually with a pair of canvas sneakers like Converses and a denim jacket. An extremely important element when we wear a dress (even if this advice applies to our entire wardrobe), it is essential to choose the right lingerie. Indeed, the wrong bra will not offer the nice curve in the chest that we like to have. Or, if our panties are too tight, it may make a crease at the hips and mark the dress. Do not hesitate to wear sculpting lingerie for the most harmonious look. If you suffer from rubbing thighs and with the arrival of spring you no longer want to wear tights, opt for girdles that go down to mid-thigh or short shorts. To avoid falling into the cliché of the wise little girl, fashionistas electrify their looks by not skimping on accessories. From the imposing it bag, to the flashy clutch, through heeled flip-flops and link, jewelry, the accessories give the floral dress a level of poise by adding extra style. A real chameleon, this dress is with us day and night!

Short or long, brightly colored or more sober, elegant or street, floral printed dresses will be in great demand this year. They are, after all, a must have of the season.

Are floral dresses in style 2021
Are floral dresses in style 2021
Are floral dresses in style 2021
Are floral dresses in style 2021
Are floral dresses in style 2021
Are floral dresses in style 2021
Are floral dresses in style 2021
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