The first step towards a stylish outfit in flat shoes is to bet on good quality shoes with an original design in order to stand out from all these girls on the street who wear black ballerinas!

Are flat shoes in style 2022? Ballerinas are the piece of resistance in any woman’s wardrobe. As the weather outside warms up, this type of footwear is more and more often worn and is found in a place of honor for the comfort it offers. Besides, ballerinas are very chic and can be used for some of the most unexpected outfits. While the classic version, with a rounded tip, makes us think of innocence, a pair of modern and sharp-shaped lady ballerinas offers an edgy air and can be worn in the most daring outfits. If so far you have underestimated the power of these shoes, we offer you some ideas to inspire you when wearing ballet flats so that your look is not boring.

Who said high-pitched shoes rhymed with a printed dress? Between stylistic daring, shiny-disco looks and assumed cool attitude, the flat shoes stand at the head of the pack as soon as our legs are out. In the spotlight: immaculate sneakers to look good in your pumps, colorful flat mules, chic slides (yes there are). The most comfortable and versatile is to pair with a dress a pair of flat shoes. So, Are flat shoes in style 2022? The very short answer is yes, for sure.
The point I often emphasize also applies to shoes: stop wearing black all the time! You can have a few pairs of black shoes, but then make sure the model is original. If it’s to wear a simple black leather ballerina, then no, choose a bright or even pastel color instead.
Ballerinas can also choose patterns or ornaments to “dress” them up a bit, and add a little extra to your outfit.
Sneakers are also good flat shoes to own and I advise you to read the article I wrote about it to discover this essential piece in your wardrobe: how to wear your sneakers well.
In the winter, boots are a must. You can choose them short, they will stop at your ankle or jumper style just below the knee.

If you are a person who likes comfort, then you definitely choose ballerinas at the expense of heeled shoes. Although they are low and seemingly comfortable shoes, they can create a lot of problems and lead to bone deformity and very intense pain, obviously, if they are not chosen properly. The choice according to health must be the first aspect that you must consider when purchasing some ballerinas. You need to opt for leather or a material that allows the foot to breathe, you need to choose a suitable number for your foot and you need to make sure that the ballerinas do not have a very thin heel. If all these elements are met, then you need to move on and take into account the appearance of the ballerinas. Obviously, their appearance must take into account the other elements you wear. How to match the ballerinas with the outfit? The possibilities are, without a doubt, limitless. Obviously, there are some outfits that go very well with ballerinas and some that go less well. What is certain, however, is that they can be combined with boyfriend, skinny jeans, 3-quarter jeans or flared pants. They are suitable for both straight pants and those with a feather cut. We can say, therefore, that when you want to wear ballerinas with pants, you make a perfect choice. In skirts the situation is a little different. Here, you have to choose either short skirts, up to the knees, or long skirts that reach to the ground. No wonder ballerinas are the favorite of all ladies and gentlemen, because they can be matched with absolutely anything. For example, they can be matched with a casual outfit, consisting of tights and a long T-shirt or they can be matched with summer dresses. When you buy ballerinas, you must also take into account their color. Try to opt for very strong and very vivid colors, which can be accessorized with bows or embroidery or be drawn with geometric shapes, stripes and squares. The simpler the outfit you wear, the stronger the ballerinas should be and stand out, and the more sophisticated the outfit, the simpler the ballerinas should be. Simple, right?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right one:
– If you have strong enough calves, do not take a model that tightens the leg. To create an optical illusion, the boots should not stick to your skin but be slightly wide.
– Focus on colors that stand out from the ordinary and will blend easily with all the basic colors: emerald green, gilded, midnight blue or burgundy.
– Prefer a small heel so that your boots remain very comfortable. When shoes are too flat, they can sometimes hurt the heel.

How to wear ballerinas with a dress?

Ballet flats are classic and can be dressed from top to bottom. It’s a delicate type shoe, as you would expect from its revealing name. Some have a delicate knot, others have masculine nails; yet, even with these very different types of ornaments, the shoe remains delicate in size.
The juxtaposition of raw, edgy embellishments like metallic studs on delicate shoes like ballet flats is the kind of details that really catch the eye of others!

Other variations include the lace-up ballet flats, which I personally am very fond of, and which have to be taken into account even the shape of the toes; the main variations are rounded and pointed. One of my favorite ways to style the classic ballerina is to wear it with a flowy dress. The funny thing is that a long or short, flowing dress will do the trick and I find a lighter fabric also complements the style shoe and helps coordinate the whole look. In addition to being very aesthetic, it gives movement to your step like that of a dancer in a beautiful flowy dress.

So let’s summarize some advantages:

❤️ practical – job when you’re on your feet all day, going to the seaside, or to a long walk, things you can do with these shoes.
❤️ no injuries – no risk injury, as with high-heeled shoes.
❤️ comfortable – health are extremely comfortable for your feet.- price – much smaller than other shoes – a good value for the money.

Medical reasons to wear flat shoes:

Corns – Studies have shown that high heels cause corns that can cause pain and inflammation. So you must look for a flat shoe to avoid that.
Rash ankles – when you choose to wear heels higher than 2 inch, put pressure on the ankles, which can cause serious problems while installing.
Pressure on the joints and knees – researchers at Harvard University have found that women who wear heels about 3 inches shows 24% more knee problems than women who do not wear heels. They have shown that heels put much pressure or sprain on the tendons and knee joints which is somehow connected to the knee cap into the thigh bone oppressing the thigh muscles to work harder. This situation leads to the increasing of pressure in the knee that could result to the circumstances called osteoarthritis.
Back pain – high heels force you to walk with curved pelvis forward, a phenomenon that causes hyperlordosis in the lumbar spine.

Tips for wearing flat shoes

Be aware that not only grandmothers wear flat shoes, this is a wrong misconception. You’re beautiful, and you have the look, but while this type of shoes you like, fine, here are some tips that will help :

– Could be a good buddy slippers during the summer season. So do not avoid them. Slippers give your feet the comfort it deserves That during the hot season. Your feet need freshness as well, therefore putting on slippers during the summer period could be pleasurable.

– Wear flat shoes and you go to work without any problem. If you like to do it, it’s okay. Important is pairing them properly, for example, with a decent and comfortable skirt paired with a cardigan. Choose for the job could be pointed flats furnished with a good choice colored leathers. It could also be a good idea to choose flats having details of grommets and buckles.

– Why not look “hot”, so flats could look better with a shorter skirt. Above the knee skirt or year in. Could be perfect. Wearing flat shoes fitting below the knee skirt could make your legs look shorter.

Pay attention to prints – It is well known that every woman should have in her wardrobe a collection of shoes with animal print. Well, find out that ballerinas look incredible in this version and can always be the perfect solution to get an outfit out of anonymity. So, don’t run away from prints, but try to bring originality to your look.

Of course you can also find other benefits, some deriving from the above, others entirely new. Important is to really see the real value of these shoes for us, for our style.

3 Perfect tips:

Wear colorful ballerinas – Almost any woman who thinks of ballerinas, outlines in her mind a classic model, nude or extremely simple black. You can still dream of a pair of colorful ballerinas and why not buy them to wear in bold combinations. How about some red-skinned ballerinas? Choose a white shirt that balances the contrast between the bright red of the ballerinas and the top of the outfit, which you can combine with a pair of jeans, but not the simplest, as well as with a bag in not too bright colors and a silver bracelet. Who said ballet dancers are boring? Here is how suddenly they became the piece of resistance in this outfit, not at all boring!

Wear ballerinas with decorative elements – If you still can not give up the idea that the chosen ballerinas must be black, then choose at least those that will not go unnoticed. Head to women’s leather ballet flats with extraordinary textures and inserts of decorative elements in the same idea. You can easily combine them with a denim skirt with floral prints, a green blouse with a not at all trivial cut, and last but not least, some bold, red earrings.

Don’t avoid printed ballerinas – This year wear printed ballerinas and you won’t fail. Combine them with pieces in more faded colors or, why not, try bolder combinations. If you still plan to wear them to the office, you can opt for a pair of three-quarter black pants, a shirt with fine details, a burgundy genuine leather bag and some delicate accessories.

Are flat shoes in style 2022
Are flat shoes in style 2022
Are flat shoes in style 2022
Are flat shoes in style 2022
Are flat shoes in style 2022
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