Ripped jeans have long been a fad for fashionistas who are guided by the latest trends. They have entered the street, fashion so strongly that you will meet them at every step. Extravagant, strong and very daring, they compose unique outfits, meant to make you stand out from the ordinary. Are distressed jeans still in style 2023, so we will discover that. Cool, urban, relaxed and casual. Today I want to present you these wonderful images of girls wearing ripped jeans in their daily lives. I think there is no doubt about the practicality of the denim fabric, it is still my favorite fabric.

Ripped jeans created by designers, have beautiful styles, original cuts and even decorative elements, such as embroidery and sequins. When choosing women’s ripped jeans, you should pay special attention to the blouses in your wardrobe and your style, because such jeans models should be combined properly to create a certain style.

During the summer, ripped jeans conquer the outfits of all fashion enthusiasts. From loose-fitting ripped trousers to beaded denim jackets or other statement elements to jeans with designs and prints, you have plenty to choose from this summer if you want to be on trend.

As the change of direction for denim is constantly evolving, ripped jeans have gone from the uniform of the working man (or woman) and its super-careless aesthetics of a street style piece associated with a fashionable style. Once considered inappropriate for most occasions, it seems that denim has undergone an unexpected change, turning into a testament to the effortless style.

Ripped jeans with camel coat – The camel coat has a place of honor in the top of the most pronounced trends this fall, which is why we suggest you wear it with ripped jeans. Metallic accents can’t be missing from a fashionable outfit either, and the three pieces of clothing can easily compose a single fashionable outfit.

Ripped jeans, biker jacket and low-heeled shoes – Here’s the outfit you’ll stop when the weather outside plays tricks on you. You shouldn’t miss the biker type leather jacket as well as the torn boyfriend type jeans.

Ripped jeans with a loose top – white T-shirt, a slim summer sweater, a wide, even scalloped blouse with ripped jeans is the right fit! For work, you can also slip a white shirt under the light sweater to give the denim more seriousness.

Ripped jeans, t-shirt and fashion sneakers – Even when you choose light outfits, it relies on an extraordinary element. Fashion sneakers make a fair competition to ripped jeans, complementing them at the same time.

Ripped jeans with knitwear – Knitwear fits perfectly with a pair of ripped jeans among which the skin can be seen. Who said you can’t wear your favorite sweater on cool autumn days? Pull yourself over a shirt to balance the outfit.

Ripped jeans with a red plaid shirt and a pair of brown boots. Make sure that the pants are not too tight, and you can add a leather strap at the waist.

Ripped jeans with a sailor jacket and heeled shoes, along with a simple top. Less is more.

Undoubtedly, the answer is yes, ripped jeans are still in style 2023. If you want something cute and sweet, then I suggest you try a white blouse, semi-transparent, sleeveless and worn with a necklace, casual ripped jeans, sandals and leather bag.

Black and white striped t-shirt is perfectly paired with a vibrant color jacket and ripped jeans, matched with nude heels. How about an elegant look? You can try a beige coat, white T-shirt and add ripped jeans to complete the outfit. If you want something cute and sweet, then I suggest you try a white blouse, semi-transparent, sleeveless and worn with a necklace, casual ripped jeans, sandals and leather bag. Wearing ripped jeans is an art, indeed. Looking stylish in ripped jeans is less obvious than it looks. Unlike other denim, these pants don’t go with anything!

Rules to follow when wearing ripped jeans:

# Don’t choose a pair of jeans with too many rips – Too much is bad, even when we’re talking about ripped jeans. A pair of jeans should not have more than 4 rips if you want to be able to wear them in several situations. Most of the time, women even opt for jeans with only 2 rips. Jeans with too many rips don’t sit well on the leg and can even give your outfit a slightly vulgar touch, so it’s best to avoid them.

# Avoid pairing ripped jeans with oversized pieces – Regardless of the jeans model chosen, it’s best to avoid oversized pieces, whether we’re talking about t-shirts, blouses or jackets, or whether we’re talking about accessories like a bag.

# Wear ripped jeans your size, never a size too small – When you wear ripped jeans a size smaller than you should, you run the risk of unsightly skin peeking through the rips. It creates a visual strangulation effect, which you certainly don’t want. Choose your size or, if you prefer a lighter version, you can even wear a pair of jeans with a larger size. In this way, you ensure that they will fit you well and enhance your legs.

How to make ripped jeans at home

Several styles of ripped jeans are in vogue this summer: ripped boyfriend jeans, knee-length skirts, ripped skinny jeans, and distressed jeans. down, along the entire length of the leg). In the following we present you a few steps to get the classic ripped jeans.

What do you need: A pair of jeans (new or old, the choice is yours); A scissor; A pen, chalk or bold; Abrasive sponge; Simple sponge; A piece of wood or thicker cardboard; A piece of emery; Bleach.

Step 1

Once you have chosen the jeans, you will have to dress with them and mark with a bold, a piece of chalk or a pen the places where you want the tears to be. It would be good to make smaller cuts than you actually want because these tears will widen as soon as you sit down a few times.

Step 2

Scissors the holes you have previously marked with chalk, pen or bold. If you don’t know exactly what and how you want to do it, you could use a photo with a pair of ripped jeans that you like to decide where, what and how much to cut. It is good to know that thin, horizontal and simple cuts are best suited for straight jeans or skinny jeans. For boyfriend jeans, it would be ideal to choose larger, rectangular or square tears that fit the horizontal lines of the denim. Then put the cardboard or piece of wood under the cuts.

Step 3

Take the piece of sandpaper and use it to create the impression of wear around the cuts you have made. This operation will take between five and ten minutes. It would be ideal to rub the surface until you reach the white threads of the jeans fabric. If you don’t have a piece of emery, you could use a grater, a pumice stone or a razor blade to rub the cut area. Also, if you want ripped or thinner jeans, then you will need to use tweezers and pull the vertical threads between the cuts one by one.

Step 4

If you look closely at the ripped jeans in the store windows, you will see that they do not have tears only in the knee area. Therefore, it is a good idea to use sandals to lightly wear jeans and above the knees, in the pockets and at the top of the feet. As a matter of fact, if you want the rupture not to increase too much in time, you could try to apply a reinforcement on the inside, with a needle (you can find materials that can be used as reinforcement at any store that sells tailoring products).

Step 5

In order to give your new ripped jeans an even more interesting look, you could use a little bleach. How do you do that? It’s pretty simple: take a simple kitchen sponge, and dab the edges of the cuts to discolor them. You can also use a toothbrush or a pipette to spray them and create white spots from place to place, as some pairs have on the market.

How to combine ripped jeans in an outfit

Jeans in general are very comfortable and easy to integrate into any outfit. Black, blue or white, plain, ripped or with applications, every woman loves jeans, and most of them have at least one pair of ripped jeans in their wardrobe. The latter are very original and are suitable for any type of figure. Ripped jeans fashion is extremely current and is characterized by versatility, boldness and extravagance. The way the cutouts leave the skin exposed is exciting, and fashionistas are willing to spend a small fortune on a nice pair of ripped jeans.

Worn correctly, ripped jeans can give your outfit a chic air. So here are some suggestions on how to wear ripped jeans: If you want to have a casual look, choose a pair of boyfriend jeans combined with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats and a simple top.

Ripped jeans for a night on the town – Combine ripped jeans with a pair of stilettos and a jacket. Regardless of whether you opt for slim, straight or boyfriend jeans, the combination of jeans and stilettos is a success.

Ripped jeans for a street outfit – Match ripped jeans with a checkered shirt and a leather jacket. The combination is preferred by many fashionistas, and the obtained look is extremely sexy.

Ripped jeans for an extravagant look – Combine jeans with a pair of sandals or stilettos in neon colors, and to keep a balance, choose a neutral color on top. You can also wear a pair of fishnet stockings under jeans, very fashionable at the moment.

In general, ripped jeans go with everything, but it’s important not to exaggerate and take your body shape into account. If you have a few extra kilos, don’t wear a pair of jeans with very high cutouts. Also, if you have wide hips, I recommend straight cut jeans. They will mask your figure and make you appear taller. Thin people can generally wear any type of ripped jeans.

Perforated Jeans Suitable for All Morphology – Perforated jeans are highly admired as they can be worn by women, regardless of their morphology. Large or small in size, it is well suited for all shapes. He goes to everyone. That’s why thin, round, tall, short, threadlike women continue to wear these pants that revalue the figure and refine the legs. It highlights all those women who can easily adopt it to magnify and take on shapes. Revealing all femininity with a touch of glamor, it comfortably marries the shape of the body to sublimate small, medium or large templates. Thus, women can choose the perforated jeans that match their shape and size with a length of lead in terms of style. Perforated jeans enhance the morphology of the woman and feminize the figure. On the other hand, it is a fashion that suits all silhouettes and gives volume to the leg while refining it.

The fashion for ripped jeans, what is it? – This fashion is associated with the wearing of denim fabric, in this case jeans with certain characteristics. These jeans generally reveal at least one hole in the knees or thighs, deliberately to mimic the effect of wear. This is one or more holes in the pants, which can then appear a little degraded or worn. This pseudo wear can be frayed and tiny. The degree of tearing and the shape of the hole can vary on jeans, with an aged or worn effect that also reveals the skin of the thigh, knees or a more or less large part of the lower limbs. Ripped jeans can come in various types of cuts: skinny, slim, cropped, boyfriend. Thus, there is a collection of jeans with holes to guarantee a chic and feminine look.

  • A small cut on one knee, with high-waisted jeans a little vintage of course
  • Choose the right type of ripped jeans – Strange as it may sound, some tears on your jeans can benefit you more than others
  • Jeans a little damaged on the knees worn with a very chic look
  • Classic in ballerinas and satin blouse


  • The cool thing about ripped jeans is the rock, wild side …
  • So when there is symmetry in trash, it’s not trash
  • take into account the color matching, important for any outfit
  • Ripped jeans worn too tight
  • Make sure you keep the balance of the outfit by opting for the upper body as simple as possible (especially if the jeans have a lot of notches).
  • The two large holes placed symmetrically on the knees, not that rock.

Ripped jeans are among the favorite clothing items of women around the world. Follow the tips above and do not hesitate to wear such a pair of jeans.

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