Cardigans – Amazing fashion Items

Cardigan is a sweater with buttons and deep V neckline, woven or knitted fabric. Coco Chanel is the one who first cut an old sweater and sewed an elegant ribbon, thus sparing women the danger of ruining their beautiful hairstyles as they pulled their traditional sweaters on their heads.

Among Americans, it was only through the sixth decade of the 20th century that the cardigan brought by Chanel began to catch on, as their desire to dress in more comfortable, more practical clothes, in which they felt free, increased.

Not to mention the fact that, like pants, cardigans were an expression of gender equality, a principle that Americans were willing to accept rather than traditionalist Europe. Therefore, we can speak of cardigan and as a true dress manifest.

The cardigan, this article in men’s fashion, came to be adopted frantically, later, by women everywhere, and is now the piece of resistance in the cold season, which is why the stores on the net are trying to get us in this period. of the year the most beautiful models of cardigans for women at prices for all pockets.

There are collared cardigans, army-style cardigans, one- or two-row cardigans, one-piece cardigans, or cardigans with various prints.

For the autumn of this year the designers recommend us to make chic outfits, consisting of leather pants or skinny jeans, a simple shirt or a simple sweater and a very long cardigan above.

Depending on the material from which it is made, we can have a casual, office or elegant outfit. A chic scarf and some nice booties can add that final note to the outfit.

If you are short, do not choose a cardigan that goes above the knee level, and if you are overweight, choose a cardigan without buttons and zippers, open in front, from thin knitted fabrics or fibers, preferably black or another dark color, to get you make you look thinner.

A cardigan with a length that covers the hips fits anyone, so do not hesitate to take a few from this category.

There is no doubt that cardigans are immortal items, and they are, and they will still be in trend many years from now.

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