Ankle boots are the most versatile clothing choice in the cold season, and new fashion trends confirm that they play a decisive role in composing a successful outfit. Both trendy and practical, with the certainty that you are dressed appropriately, from the office to an outing with friends, and you will be extremely satisfied with your look. Boots are one of the most versatile winter items you can wear in office outfits, casual or elegant occasions, if you know how to make the right combinations. We will we’ll put it under the magnifying glass if are ankle boots still in style 2022.

Ankle boots or boots can be casual, elegant or edgy, so it is important to choose the right model. Another factor to consider when you want to wear a pair of short boots is the one related to your figure. Be careful, because ankle boots can make you look shorter than you are or if you have long and thin legs, exaggerate this feature.

Depending on your type of compliance:

Cute and slender – If you are cute and have a body pulled through the ring, then it is good to go for a model with a little heel and a boot that covers your entire ankle. Patterned boots that reveal as much of the ankle as possible have the disadvantage of shortening your legs.

Cute with shapes – To intuit your personal style and adapt it to short boots is a talent. For a shaped body, we suggest you choose a model with a sharp tip to give you an elongation effect of your figure. Combine skirts in A (which stop just before the knee) and avoid dresses that are too long with this type of ice.

Tall with shapes – A woman who is tall and has shapes does not have to take care in the height department but must take care of how thick the leg may look. Avoid wearing ankle boots with cuffs, chains or other details that draw attention to the calf. Capri pants or tapered jeans go great with simple short boot patterns. A semi-voluminous dress or a long tunic with matte black tights can also look good.

Tall and slender – If you are tall and have the measurements of a mannequin, you should not rub too hard. The options for choosing a pair of short boots are without modesty, unlimited. But this freedom also comes with a price, pay attention to the combination of clothing. Knee lengths don’t always work well.

Are Ankle Boots Still In Style 2022
Are Ankle Boots Still In Style 2022
Are Ankle Boots Still In Style 2022
Are Ankle Boots Still In Style 2022
Are Ankle Boots Still In Style 2022

5 models to keep in mind this season:

Soft boots – You see, soft boots have been a “must have” for some time if you haven’t bought such a pair yet. Extremely versatile, the boots molded on suede leather, elastic material, knit, lace, mesh can be worn in different outfits. Add them to a pair of jeans, pair a T-shirt and a jacket and get a fresh and modern combination. Precious materials, lace, brocade keep them for holiday outfits, in mixes with satin skirts or steamy dresses or sequins.

Ankle boots – The ankle boots fit perfectly both in autumn and winter. Invest in a leather pair that you can keep for a few years. If your account does not allow you to buy one of the big brands, the mass-market offers offer you some equally fabulous alternatives.

Animal print boots – Fashion is something that comes back to a period of time, so this season, enjoy savanna and jungle animal prints again. The shoes also go through a redesign process. Look for snake, leopard, tiger or zebra prints in stores!

Chelsea boots – Easy to adapt to outfits, easy to match and very comfortable, Chelsea boots should not be missing. Besides being elegant and comfortable, they look great on the foot, making it look slimmer. Reverse women’s boots make a good team with elegant pieces, such as silk skirts, long floral dresses, but also with pants or jeans. This model of shoes perfectly reflects the British spirit: they are comfortable and easy to wear, but at the same time they have a preppy, masculine air, which fashion-loving girls simply adore! The current urban uniform consists of a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and Chelsea boots.

White boots – Have you ever considered taking a pair of white boots? You are not alone! But it is good to know that this non-color is not only for summer, it fits perfectly in the winter. The shoes that have this nuance, on the ankle, go in many styles this season, from sports variants, to heels or squares. Like your favorite pair of white sneakers, the boots fit any type of jeans. Leather pants are also an important trend this season. And the easiest way to get a modern and current outfit is to be able to wear your leather pants with white boots with thick soles. They look great together and are very easy to match. The floral dress has a feminine and delicate look, completely opposite to the massive and androgynous style of the boots. You can complete the outfit with a leather jacket or a coat. White boots look great in combination with mini skirts. And if the outfit also includes a knitted sweater, you get an ideal look for the cold season. You can wear boots with a pair of colorful socks, to add extra originality.

For elegant outfits, we recommend ankle boots with high heels. These will highlight your figure and make you feel more feminine. If you have wider thighs, then ankle boots with thick heels are perfect for you. For thinner ladies, we recommend ankle boots with laces and a thin heel, with different ornaments, which will optically enlarge the silhouette. Wondering what you can wear ankle boots with high heels? They fit dresses of any length and will be a good choice for both mini and maxi variants. Thin heeled ankle boots are also ideal for creations up to the middle of the calf.

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