Animal Print Dresses 2016

An elegant dress, very sensual and full of personality is the animal print dress. Animal print is a quite controversial subject. The main reason that stands at the base of these disputes is the unconscious association of the animal print with those women who love this print so much that they are wearing it from head to toe, eventually combined with oversized jewelries. Completely unpleasant. Indeed, but if you create a balanced outfit, you can get some interesting and very chic combos.

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Animal print, as a concept is trendy for many years now and it seems it will be this way in the future too. Accessorize an outfit that includes an animal print dress very carefully. As footwear you have a wide area to choose from. You can go with the comfortable option – flat shoes or with the bold one – stilettos, depending on the circumstance.

Bear in mind
Use just one animal print piece of outfit when creating your look.

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