A while ago I told you that my favorites are Mary Jane shoes, today I remember a discussion with a friend about how great it is to wear flat shoes. So let’s see how important and great to wear flat shoes.

You may be wondering which are the reasons why women wear this kind of shoes. Basically the comfort that it offers is the main answer to this question. But it’s good to mention that you can get an elegant and stylish and with this kind of shoes should not despair about believing in sacrificing style for comfort.

Advantages of Wearing Flat Shoes

A pair of women’s loafers can relieve the feet and bring a touch of originality for example. Closely resembles a flat shoe. The entire shoe is constructed out of soft leather or suede. The featured design is based on the traditional moccasins worn by the Native American Indians.

Besides being very nice and can be extraordinarily stylish, they are also more gentle on your wallet. Ballet shoes are the friendliest possible. Comfortable materials are used in their manufacture and that will force the foot to stand as difficult and awkward position, make ballet shoes will not ever cause health problems. But you’re probably wondering what these problems so grave.Well, first column you can suffer the most from wearing foot footwear that will require such as high heel shoes. Besides, your ankle and torn tendons are basically negative effects heels. The price of a pair of flat shoes is much smaller than the one of shoes or sandals.

So let’s summarize some advantages:

practical – job when you’re on your feet all day, going to the seaside, or to a long walk, things you can do with these shoes.
no injuries – no risk injury, as with high-heeled shoes.
comfortable – health are extremely comfortable for your feet.- price – much smaller than other shoes – a good value for the money.

Now let’s see a few medical reasons to wear flat shoes:

Corns – Studies have shown that high heels cause corns that can cause pain and inflammation. So you must look for a flat shoe to avoid that.
Rash ankles – when you choose to wear heels higher than 5 cm, put pressure on the ankles, which can cause serious problems while installing.
pressure on the joints and knees – researchers at Harvard University have found that women who wear heels about 3 inches shows 24% more knee problems than women who do not wear heels. They have shown that heels put much pressure or sprain on the tendons and knee joints which is somehow connected to the knee cap into the thigh bone oppressing the thigh muscles to work harder. This situation leads to the increasing of pressure in the knee that could result to the circumstances called osteoarthritis.
Back pain – high heels force you to walk with curved pelvis forward, a phenomenon that causes hyperlordosis in the lumbar spine.

So as you see, if you were not already decided to wear flat shoes, reading problems that high heels bring I think I gave you a hand.

Tips for wearing flat shoes

Be aware that not only grandmothers wear flat shoes, this is a wrong misconception. You’re beautiful, and you have the look, but while this type of shoes you like, fine, here are some tips that will help :

– Could be a good buddy slippers during the summer season. So do not avoid. Slippers Give your feet the comfort it deserves That during the hot season. Your feet need freshness as well, therefore putting on slippers during the summer period could be pleasurable.

– Wear flat shoes and you go to work without any problem. If you like to do it, it’s okay. Important is pairing them properly, for example, with a decent and comfortable skirt paired with a cardigan. Choose for the job could be pointed flats furnished with a good choice colored leathers. It could also be a good idea to choose flats having details of grommets and buckles.

– Why not look “hot”, so flats could look better with a shorter skirt. Above the knee skirt or year in. Could be perfect. Wearing flat shoes fitting below the knee skirt could make your legs look shorter.

Of course you can also find other benefits, some deriving from the above, others entirely new. Important is to really see the real value of these shoes for us, for our style.

Advantages of Wearing Flat Shoes
Advantages of Wearing Flat Shoes
Advantages of Wearing Flat Shoes
Advantages of Wearing Flat Shoes
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