Accessory of the week – Women’s Felt Hats fall 2014-2015

As you already know if you are reading our magazine I’m a lover of accessories. Among those today I present you Felt Hats. Indeed let’s talk about Women’s Felt Hats fall trends in this year.
Let’s face it – felt hat is one of the reasons we love autumn. Beautiful and versatile this hat will protect us from the wind and fulfill your dress in a unique way. And as the most accessory if it is properly chose can improve massively our image.

I want to stress out some interesting advantages for this kind of hats:

– well, first of all they keep warm, clothing made out of dense felt is resistant to the elements, including wind and cold. Felt is a great insulator, and the clothing tends to retain the heat generated by the body
– it is an investment for many years due to his huge resilience, felt is very well known for this quality
– felt hats will make you feel chic
– good value for the money, as I said above it is an investment for many years.

Here are some interesting felt hats for this fall 2014-2015:

felt hat for ladies 2014-2015

womens felt hat

fedora felt hat 2014-2015

felt hat

best felt hat 2014-2015

ladies felt hat

felt hats

women felt hat

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