It’s very important to always be elegant and to accomplish this, a shirt, a tie and a jacket do wonders. But, many times when you’re outside and the wind is blowing, your tie starts flying and this absolutely drives you crazy. So I found at least one reason (but there are also others of course) to wear a tie pin. This accessory has a very important role – to positionate and stretch out your tie. The tie pin is an accessory which, along with the above-mentioned role, it shows style, distinction and good taste.

Types of tie pins:

a. tie chain – formed from a fixed metal part and a chain. The fixed part of this accessory goes through a clip and the chain is at sight.

b. tie tack – two parts : the decorative one which is like a earring and the safety part which is formed from a chain and a piece of metal.

c. tie clip – has a rib which helps to a horizontal bind to the tie and the shirt.

The accessories defines the man’s personality who is wearing them, It’s not important only what outfit you have , but also what accessories completes it.

More over , some specialists are saying that if the clothes obey the trends ( are in trends or not ), well accessories are the most stable ones which can define best someones personality and will have the personal touch of the one who’s wearing them.

Make sure you match the color of the tie pins with the ones your tie and shirt has. You don’t want to wear orange pin with red tie on a pink shirt, trust me! Also be careful the metals you choose for your tie pins. If you have enough money , there are pins made of gold or silver, with or without precious stones, it really depends on how much you want to spend on this accessory. Since men don’t have too many options like women have in matter of accessories , tie pins could be a very good solution to brighten your outfit.

Actually I consider we are speaking about style, about everyone’s personal style and this can be personalized (as I’ve said above ) with the help of a quality accessory. And yes, in this article I’ve talked about tie pins which in my opinion pulls you out of anonymity and gives you elegance.

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