Ear cuffs are very fashionable during this season due to the extraordinary wide variety of models available and because you can combine them with many various outfits. This type of earrings is the perfect accessory for any season and it can be worn on the upper part of your ear, on the cartilage, not on the earlobes like most of the earrings. At first it is likely that you will feel a little awkward but you will get used to them very quick.

2015 ear cuffs

2015-2016 ear cuffs

2015-2016 best ear cuffs

The earrings are since a long time ago a very special accessory, designed to highlight your femininity. In many cases, your hairstyle and make-up are the ones that define your look, but the earrings are the ones that perfectly complete it, discretely drawing the attention towards your personality. The ear cuffs are special jewelries as I’ve already mentioned above.
The advantage of such jewelry is that you do not need holes into your ears for it because it can be discretely worn giving the impression that it takes the shape of the ear. The models that are already available on the market are various but for a special effect you should have in mind your entire outfit combo and the other accessories you are wearing.
If your style is inspired by the rock music, rock glam or simply you have your own bold and funky style, the ear cuffs will match perfectly with your personality.

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