Shawl is considered a symbol of elegance, a practical fashion item for any self-respecting woman. It is a perfect accessory for spring or for any season . A women who knows how to wear a shawl can totally change an outfit, giving elegance and nobility.
Their history begins somewhere in the sixteenth century. Besides smoothness and softness recognized, fabric is also very warm. A popular fabric is cashmere. This is produced in various countries. Cashmere can come from several breeds of goats, but as its name said,the woolen yarn diameter must be less than 19 microns (a human hair is 75 microns).

Shawl is an extremely versatile accessory that goes combined with various clothing items and colors. Color and print coating defines a shawl, but also it is important to know how to combine it. Of course different combinations depends on particular events or moments when we choose to wear the shawl :

– For a romantic look opt for delicate patterned scarves with flyers dots or fine lines that you can go with a pair of simple jeans and boots. Your image will be very feminine, delicate and stylish.

– To be a diva-sporty, dress shirts range, uni, elastic pants, catch your hair in a ponytail and wrap around your neck a large shawl.

– Take example from actress Diane Kruger and get a smart-casual air by a pair of men’s shoes and, of course a geometric print shawl.

– XXL Shawl with leopard print is a statement accessory by nature, so do not avoid this combo.

– Shawl can become top accessory for a stylish outfit. Choose either a model in soft tones or a shawl in vibrant colors, from red to passionate blue coral. Wear it over a tunic or jacket or over a coat with large buttons.

2015 shawl

2015 2016 shawl

2015 shawl for women

womens shawl 2015 2016

Worn over a blazer or a shirt, the scarf is must have for any trendy fashionable woman.

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