This week we thought that accessory to be metallic belt. Indeed it is without doubt a very important piece of accessory which should be in a fashion addict girl
As a fashion accessory, the belt has become an indispensable part of any outfit. Strap or belt not only fulfills a utilitarian function, but has come to define a dress code.

Wearing a belt will not only will the whole look, but you can hide or, on the contrary, emphasize certain body parts.

The belt can hide a tummy or hips a little too late or, on the contrary, it can highlight a wasp waist. The condition is to know how to wear and specialists Femme Actuel trying to give you some tips in this regard.

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A belt can adapt to any outfit and designers focus on wearing it under a jacket. This accessory is chic but with a shirt, and a right dress for added femininity.

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