If you imagined that you have the clock on your mobile phone and you don’t need a watch, well… you are wrong.

Watches are very trendy and remember there are a must. No matter if you buy a lot of them with different colors to match them with your outfits, or if you decide on one which could match to almost every outfit , well definitely you need a watch.

Everybody knows that men are very passionate about watches. When wou see a man who has a certain job or social standard , you almost expect to have a confirmation about that by the watch he’s wearing. Women are more detailed oriented so thay will pretty sure be more careful with this accessory in order to match it perfectly to their outfit. Even if you are a lady , you can try some famous brands.

A lot of fashion specialists consider the hand watch the most chic accessory ever. I thought to share with you five criteria for choosing your hand watch, having in mind several things which I considered important: the quality, the fabrics, the comfort and the style.

1. The shape – the shape is very important because sometimes a model might not match harmoniously with your body shape (the size of your wrist , the shape of your hand). If a watch has a big display, definitely it won’t match with a small wrist.
2. The style – where will you wear the watch and what’s your personality like. Those two will dictate the style of the watch: sport , casual or elegant.
3. The comfort – it is a must when you try a watch that it doesn’t have to be only elegant , but also to fit your hand perfectly. You don’t want to cause you any discomfort, don’t you?
4. The color – well, yes, don’t laugh, the color isn’t important it is very important because depending on that you could wear it with different outfits.
5. Characteristics – what characteristics we want for our hand watch? This question we also have to have in mind when we go shopping for a watch. For example , you might want a waterproof one or a one who can show the data, or one who has a compass or lights and so on.


Watches are accessories that will represent the complete and perfect outfit that will help you never late. This accessory can give an outfit a unique elegance and class, as can ruin as well. The hand watch is an integrating part in the way we accessorize ourselves so I hope my advices might have helped you.

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