Accessory of the week – Gloves for ladies

Once with the fall’s arrival and the approaching of winter I would like to pay an extra attention to fall-winter accessories. The cold season stands under the sign of visible accessories which are pulling you out of monotony and a great example for that are gloves.

Although the regular gloves until the wrist are also worn, the stars of this season are the gloves long enough to reach your elbow like your grand-grandmother used to wear.
Few years ago, if I would have seen on the street, or even worst, on catwalks this type of accessory, I would have been stunned. Nevertheless, this year I’m not since it’s the new trend. Even more, this accessory it’s one of the stars of cold season so here it is a vintage trend which has a lot of fans.
Gloves are a great match to the thick clothes we are wearing during the fall and winter, no matter if we are talking about the regular ones or the longer ones.

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