Surely each of us has found at some point in our mother or grandmother jewelry box at least one brooch. Maybe not as popular as they were in the past, brooches are still in trends.

Unlike other jewelries that are dating back to Stone Age, brooches are dating since Bronze Age as a decorative item designed to hold garments close or simply to be attached to them.

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At first, today’s brooches were called fibulae and they were some ornamental clasps worn by Greeks, Romans, Celts and some migratory tribes in Europe.
From the Celts, the Roman aristocrats adopted the brooches as an exotic fashion.
In the 18th century, during the Victorian era, it was fashionable to wear two sided swivel brooches which would contain a portrait in one side and a lock of hair in the other, at first for mourning reasons and later as keepsakes of the loved ones.
Coming back to today’s brooches, they are no longer used only for utility purposes as large safety-pins to hold clothing together while indicating ethnicity and class. Today’s brooches represent a great accessory for our outfit being very attractive while mostly inexpensive. Their versatility and low price make them perfect gifts so have them in mind if you want to make a pleasant surprise to a woman, no matter her age.
There is a large variety of brooches no matter if we are speaking about shapes or sizes, illustrating flowers, animals or geometrical shapes, in all colors and fabrics like wood, porcelain or metals such as steel, silver, bronze or gold. You can find one for everyone’s taste: for cute girls, crazy teenagers, chic young ladies or sophisticated mature women, for the bold ones, for the romantic, for every style or character.

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If you were wondering where and when to wear a brooch, there is only one simple answer: everywhere. Yes, everywhere! If you are careful ad use the right brooch to your outfit, you can wear them during the day or in the evening because there are brooches for corporate outfit or for casual outfits as many as you like. Of course, on sport outfits you don’t use them because almost every accessory is forbidden as it will bother you while doing the exercises.

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The brooches to wear in a corporate attire will be more elegant and classy than the multi colored ones for casual outfits, but be careful not to be too dull as your purpose it’s to brighten up your already sober outfit.
The brooches for office outfits have to have some decent shapes and sizes, don’t exaggerate with the bright colors and definitely don’t use brooches made of wood or textile fabrics at office. Also, a brooch with precious stones is more suited for a dinner at a fancy restaurant or special event than for work.
The latest brooches promoted by fashion designers have feathers and crazy shapes so if you really want to be in trends and to use them you have to have some strong fashion knowledge as there is harder to find the right outfit for them.
A handmade brooch assures your individuality and if it represents butterflies, funny animals or cartoon characters it will transform your outfit completely.
The statement brooches are only for casual outfits as they are carrying a message and attract the attention with a short sentence or with the portrait of a famous person.

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There are several places on your outfit you could use a brooch:
– waistline – you can draw attention to your waist if you feel comfortable enough with a nice brooch attached on a pair of trousers, a skirt or even on a dress
– Scarves – a summer scarf for example it’s a perfect place for a large brooch to hold it in place. To complement the scarf if it’s patterned, choose an enameled brooch in one of the scarf’s colors
– hair – yes, you’ve read right, you can use your brooch with a hair pin or if the brooch is a big one then it will look perfect with long wavy hair
– handbags – as a handbag ornament placed on the bag strap it will add a more interesting note to your outfit
– chest – of course, the most common place for a brooch it’s on a blouse or shirt

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You can wear one of a time or you may choose to wear a cluster of three small brooches which can pop-up your sweater to everyone’s attention.
Although the brooches are easy to wear I thought to give you some recommendations:

– they look perfect on T-shirts, on the pocket of a simple shirt, on a vintage dress, on a sweater, on a classic suit or on a one color coat
– on a modern dress or a sober office suit, a brooch will bring a plus o femininity and glamor, sure thing that will not pass unobserved
– be careful that a special brooch will outrun the other accessories you might want to wear
– a youthful cute brooch will look extraordinary on a large T-shirt wit a pair of jeans
– rock brooches and dresses from the ‘40s give your outfit an interesting look
– usually they are attached to clothes thick enough like cardigans
– you can bring to life your straight one color coat with them
– a shiny brooch placed on the rolled collar of a sweater will help brighten up your outfit
– a nice brooch can bring a vintage dress very easy into the present days and fade away the nostalgic air that fabric has

Bottom of line, a brooch will always be fashionable because it can change your look entirely and it gives you a special elegance being really feminine.

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