business suit 2015

Most of the time, at the job, the employer imposes a formal dress code. Here are 5 mistakes you need to avoid:
1. Too deep cleavage – A deep cleavage helps you look good and to be confident, I know. Still, it is better when you dress office to avoid such a cleavage.
2. Flashy colors – Well, yes, sometimes an inappropriate color can harm your look. Therefore avoid as much as you can flashy pink, yellow, green, gold, orange and so on.
3. Jeans – Indeed, regular jeans or worse, ripped jeans, should be avoided without hesitation.
4. Too tight blouses – The same as for the too deep cleavage, you should leave this type of blouses for the times when you go into a club or anywhere else but at the office.
5. Wrinkled shirts – Since you are dressing office, do it in a neat way and with good taste. When wearing such an outfit there is no room for wrinkled shirts because you will look sloppy and the business outfit has nothing to do with that look.

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