Common Mistakes in Ladies Outfits

The cold season it’s for sure a very difficult one when coming to outfits. It’s hard to dress stylish and at the same time to keep you warm. Thick clothes and of course the very thick ones also often succeed in ruining our outfit. Winter is about assuring first your thermal comfort in order to don’t get sick so it’s very difficult to be at the same time within the fashion trends.
Here are 5 mistakes I’ve noticed at ladies during the cold season:

  1. Inappropriate colors

Well, yes, there are made a lot of mistakes when coming to colors for the cold season. Don’t use all-black or all-white outfits because they are not appropriate, be brave and approach strong colors.

2.      Style neglecting

OK, it is winter, so what? We lose our style during the winter? We don’t care anymore how we look? We stop looking into the mirror? It doesn’t have to be summer to have a stylish outfit. You can get out of the crowd with a lot of cute and very fashionable accessories.

3.      The lack of harmony of colors

Even if it’s winter, all around you are seeing you exactly the same. Therefore be very careful when combining the colors in your outfit.  Be very careful to match the colors when it comes to accessories. If your gloves or muffler have inappropriate colors they will ruin your look, so choose wisely your outfit colors.

4.      Lot of clothes = chubby outfit

Yes, if you throw a lot of clothes on you, then you’re going to look heavy. Watch out how you combine your clothes so you won’t get an altered image of yourself, with an extra weight.

5.      Exaggerate accessories when talking about their size

Accessories, as I’ve said it before can help you or, on the contrary, can ruin your outfit. An extra fluffy fur hat for example worn in an inappropriate occasion can make your outfit look very bad.

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