Day: September 16, 2018

Winter Coats For Women

When the temperature drops you need the best winter coat to keep you warm and comfortable all winter. We all know that finding the right jacket is difficult, especially in recent years, when the fashion industry exploded and brought to market hundreds of interesting models that keep us warm but also bring extra glamor and […]

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How To Wear A Bandana

Fans of the bandanas consider them versatile enough to integrate into nearly any outfit, no matter your style. Well, that is a huge characteristic, let’s admit it. To resume it all in one, the best way to wear a bandana depends on where on your body you want to wear it. Probably the most familiar […]

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Are Over The Knee Boots Still In Style 2020

Trends for the year 2020 seem to favor the famous over the knee boots. Oh yes, practically we cannot start without the conclusion, you’ve probably wanted it from the moment you read the title. Worn in conservative tones of gray, black or beige, or, on the contrary, in stunning colors of turquoise, pink, or green […]

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