Day: May 21, 2016

Women’s Suede Dresses 2020 Trends

Suede dress, whose conduct was imposed by us boho trend, but I accepted it with all joy, is a hit of the current season. Try a line outfit of the 70s and we guarantee that you will not groaning other influences! Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, […]

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Best Parka Coats for Women 2020

For those of you (few) who don’t know, parka is a long jacket that comes down to the knees, often waterproof, with a hood. Created long time ago, by the Eskimos specifically to protect them from the hard cold, although today it looks very different, it kept its main quality – to keep you very […]

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Men’s Leather Bracelet 2020 Trends

The bracelets were able slowly but surely become a must have in terms of men’s accessories. More and more representatives of the stronger sex began to wear, besides watch, leather bracelets, metal or various textiles. Summer, unfortunately, is pretty hard to personalize your outfit with leather jackets, scarves or jackets, but you can individualize your […]

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