Day: October 25, 2015

Winter Hoodies 2020

For sure everybody knows hoodies. They are a well-known and much-loved piece of outfit. But how wearable is it during the winter? Well, I believe it can be easily worn during any season. Moreover when there are so many models of hoodies that can be worn all over the year. The hoodie can be worn […]

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Winter Beanies For Women 2020

The winter is a wonderful season, but also a difficult one when it comes to dressing. This aspect is given by the very low temperatures and the wind. In this respect, you really have to protect your health using a proper coat for the low temperatures and of course some winter accessories. Among the most […]

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Women’s Dress Code – How to dress Depending on the Circumstances

We build our outfit according to the event we have to attend, whether if it is during the day or evening. Of course, there are some boundaries within which we can express our preferences, tastes and personality. If it is to talk about the dress code, it can be defined as a series of rules […]

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How to Wear Loafers with Style

Men are equally preoccupied by fashion like women are. Among their preferences there is the fashionable footwear. If you need a casual pair of shoes, then the loafers can be a great option. Indeed, loafers are great and do wonders for your back and feet health. They are very comfortable and chic. Their versatility allows […]

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How to Wear a Leather Jacket in Fall

So, how to wear a leather jacket during the fall if you are a woman? Well, you should wear it, in the first place, with style. Indeed, you must have your own style (it will be ideal). Remember that style means also attitude. The advantage of wearing a leather jacket is actually that it can […]

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