Day: September 9, 2015

Women’s Best Tartan Shirts 2019

The tartan shirt is actually a plaid shirt, an excellent option if you want a relaxed look.

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Latest Mohair Jumpers 2015-2016

Everybody knows very well the mohair fabric. It is very pleasant to the touch and it is worth mentioning that it is also very comfortable. Here are some interesting models:

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Most Fashionable Denim Shorts for Women 2015-2016

A very comfortable, chic and very hot option if you want a trendy and sensual look are the denim shorts. Many women consider denim shorts to be suitable only for the warm season when going to the beach. Yes, this is true but incomplete. A pair of denim shorts can be very fashionable if you […]

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Fashionable Lace Dresses 2019

You can associate the term elegance without the fear of being wrong to any lace dress. It is true, the lace dress is very chic and most of all, very elegant. Nevertheless, this aspect does not stop it being extremely versatile at the same time. You can wear it on many various occasions. A lace […]

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Comfortable Outfit for Women Fall 2015-2016

Fall is an inspirational season, there’s no doubt about that. But you shouldn’t be sad that the summer has gone because a spectacular season comes after (at least if we talk about the landscapes). During the autumn you have endless possibilities to create numerous outfit combos. It is important to don’t forget about being comfortable […]

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