Day: August 27, 2015

Bomber Jacket, Perfect Outerwear 2015-2016

Are you searching for a cool, relaxed and fashionable piece of outerwear? Think no more, the bomber jacket is the perfect answer. Indeed, even if until recently it was a piece of clothing often seen into the men’s wardrobe, the bomber jacket has started to be more and more present into the women’s wardrobe too. […]

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Corduroy Skirt, Fashionable or Not?

Everybody knows what corduroy skirts are. If they are fashionable or not, well, this is a longer discussion. First of all, the corduroy skirt, before being fashionable is extremely comfortable. We all know the belief that comfortable clothes are not elegant. Obviously, I don’t agree with that belief. The corduroy skirts are extremely fashionable if […]

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Crochet Dresses 2019

You like to be always trendy. We know that, this why we will make you an extremely fashionable offer today: the crochet dresses. Don’t be afraid to wear them because you can create some very chic outfits. Important is to be inspired and of course informed. An excellent advantage of crochet dresses is the fact […]

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Fashionable Snapback Hat for Men 2015-2016

Men’s snapbacks appeared on the market many time ago (surprisingly, isn’t that right?). Well yes, they became fashionable first in the 90’s. Obviously, since then they’ve constantly evolved until they reached today’s models. Such an accessory is very important because it can upgrade your look. It can accentuate your originality and offer you an extravagant […]

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Best Latest Trenches 2019

The weather is constantly changing with high variations of temperatures when we are talking about fall or spring. In this respect, an exceptional option can be a trench. In fact, many specialists consider the trench to be a key piece of clothing whether we are talking about the fall or spring ( it is very […]

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Fall-Winter Cologne for Men 2015-2016

The cold season is the moment when men preoccupy for a proper perfume for them. Here are below some interesting suggestions: Tom Ford – Tuscan Leather Tuscan Leather is an exclusive perfume. It has lovely and sumptuous overtones. It has amazing musk and woody notes (specific for cold seasons). Giorgio Armani – Armani Code This […]

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