Day: August 2, 2015

Winter Perfumes for Women 2015-2016

The most common scents for winter are woody, bergamot and musk. Still, these are not the only scents available when it comes to the winter fragrances. Guerlain Mitsouko With special notes of rose, vetiver, wood, jasmine, peach and bergamot, Mitsouko is a stunning, not too sweet fragrance. Prada Tendre With strong notes of jasmine, vetiver, […]

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Grunge Style 2019

The word “grunge” was formed from the regressive derivation of the word “grungy”. It started being used around 1964-1965. Into the fashion world it made its debut at the beginning of the 90’s. The grunge style’s motto is “simple is better”. Indeed in this style simplicity is very desirable. In addition it is also an […]

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Duffle Bag 2018

Extremely practical and roomy, a duffle bag is a lifesaver when you go for a short trip for example.

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Amazing Tote Bag 2015-2016

If you are a relaxed woman who loves to always dress casual, for sure a tote bag is the perfect solution for you.

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Beach Bags 2018

You love the sun and everything related to the beach? Then for sure the beach is your best friend. If that’s the case, you can’t spend a day on the beach without a beach bag.

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Hobo Bags 2018

I’m sure that many of you know what a hobo bag is. But for those who do not know yet, a hobo bag is a usually large handbag and characterized by a crescent shape. They are usually made of soft and flexible fabrics. In general, this type of bag has a main compartment closure.

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