Day: July 24, 2015

Fall Option – Leather Jacket 2017-2018

A leather jacket is already an extremely casual piece of clothing. And this is absolutely normal considering the history and qualities of this type of jacket. As for the history of the leather jacket, I won’t insist on it now but I will refer to some of its qualities. Qualities that recommend it without doubts […]

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Women’s Bootcut Jeans 2018

Jeans are probably the most common and loved pieces of clothing. Extremely chic and practical, they are present into any woman’s wardrobe, no matter your personal style, age or education. Bootcut jeans are a combination between flared jeans and classic jeans. Still, this model distinguishes itself through its length. They are long enough to cover […]

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Casual Shoes for Women 2015-2016

No matter the season, the shoes are a key element into any woman’s wardrobe. If we are talking about casual shoes, well, they have to be matched of course with a casual outfit. The casual dress code focuses on the comfort and personal style and less on formal or business outfits. A casual look is […]

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