Day: July 20, 2015

Gladiator Sandals 2018

Having a long history, back to Antiquity times, the gladiator sandals are more and more common into the preferences of women from all over the world. The name of these sandals comes from the gladiators that worn them into the arena. Obviously, in time they evolved a lot until they reached the shape we know […]

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Timeless Piece of Outfit – Little Black Dress

If you learn how to accessorize and wear correctly, the little black dress is a fantastic piece of outfit that can always get you out of trouble. Like it or not, the little black dress is a piece of clothing that should not miss from any woman’s wardrobe. At least not from one who loves […]

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Women’s Trench Coats Autumn 2015-2016

A trench coat is for sure a must-have into your wardrobe. Why, you might wonder. Well, it is a classic piece of outfit, timeless and very chic. It is iconic for the British style, but very common and appreciated worldwide, including in North America. The trench coat imposes itself as one of the basic pieces […]

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How to Choose Your Bathing Suit This Summer

Summer is all around and brings everyone a lot of joy no matter the age. For a trendy woman, choosing the bathing suit is a highly important aspect. The bathing suit has to be chosen in order to hide your flaws and highlight your strong points. Stretch marks, small breasts, too wide hips, all these […]

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