Day: July 1, 2015

Bohemian Summer Maxi Dresses 2015-2016

The summer is the perfect season for this wonderful Bohemian maxi dress. This type of dress fits any type of woman. I’m saying that because it depends on how you accessorize them, how you match them and also the style and personal attitude of each woman. It is of course obvious that the romantic women […]

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Best Men’s Winter Boots for 2020

The cold season, highly expected by some, hated by others, requires adequate footwear. As for men, their favorite footwear during the cold season is the boots. But what are actually the winter boots? Well, we could say that they are a type of boots perfectly insulated and waterproof. An ideal pair of winter boots for […]

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Winter Socks for Men 2015-2016

Winter requires a totally different wardrobe than the rest of the year. Basically, almost all of it has to be replaced. Among the most important pieces of outfit that you should have in mind are the winter socks. Try not to fall into the trap of minimizing their importance. A quality pair of winter socks […]

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Women’s Office Attire for Winter 2016-2017 Latest Trends

A lot of women spend most of their time at the office. It is a reality nowadays. Women are very active, spend a lot of hours at the office, on the plane, flying between meetings, eventually on different continents. In this respect, if you are a fashion passionate, you can express this passion with the […]

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