Day: May 29, 2015

Winter Footwear for Women 2020

A woman who loves to be always trendy should pay the proper attention to her footwear as well. This happens even more during the winter when the qualities of your shoes become more important. And I’m saying this because during the cold season, the footwear should be not only comfortable and trendy, but it has […]

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Women’s Puffer Vests 2019

The puffer vest is a very comfortable outerwear and very practical for any woman. It is also very comfortable and warm, being able to protect you during a windy day. Its versatility is the quality that impresses the most. No matter your clothing style, such a piece of outfit is very useful into your wardrobe. […]

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Tuxedo Blazer for Women 2016

A tuxedo jacket first appeared in fashion in the Victorian Era (1837-1901), as a less formal alternative to a suit and was worn at that time exclusively by men. Later, it became a must have piece at formal events which required black tie code. But fashion was more permissive in the 1900s clothing and accepted […]

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