Day: March 9, 2015

Wrap Bracelet for Women 2016

Today’s subject is about a very comfortable and extremely trendy bracelet. Well yes, we are talking of course about wrap bracelets. They are very easy to be matched with almost any type of outfit which I believe to be extremely important nowadays. And if you choose to wear them to a slightly duller outfit, you […]

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Women’s Boyfriend Jeans for Summer 2017

Boyfriend jeans are very interesting and much loved by every fashion addict woman. Designed to give you a very relaxed look, they are not too sophisticated at all and they make you look as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s jeans of course. This type of jeans characterizes the women who want a very casual […]

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Summer Denim Jackets for Ladies 2018

The denim fabric is well known and much loved all over the world. Most women have into their closet a denim jacket since it is the perfect outerwear for any season. This type of jacket is very durable too. And no, it is not only an extremely loved but also chic piece of outfit. I […]

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Underbust Corset 2020

The corset is a disputed piece of clothing ever since it was created until now. Nowadays, it became a symbol of a woman’s sensuality. At the beginning, the corset had the role of emphasizing the line of the body and to help achieving the hourglass silhouette. Today, the corset is worn more and more often […]

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