Day: March 4, 2015

Men’s Sport Sneakers for summer

This summer is important to be within the trends but to have very comfortable footwear too. The perfect solution to achieve that is a pair of sneakers.

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Guide to Dressing Normcore this Summer 2015

Normcore is a relative new fashion style, a style that promotes normality. Its adepts encourage the idea of regular dressing, without drawing the attention in a flashy way. Many people have recently adopted a relaxed style and very… normal. Normcore is, if you would like, a reaction to the hurricane called “fashion” which conquered the […]

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Summer Denim Jumpsuits 2019

Very comfortable and versatile, they are extremely popular all over the world. With a little inspiration, you can create some extraordinarily chic outfit combos.

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Summer Denim Shorts 2017-2018

The denim shorts are an extremely popular piece of outfit during the latest years. In this summer they are still within the trends. If for example you can match a shirt with a pair of high waist jeans in order to get a sophisticated look, you can’t apply the same rule to the denim short […]

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Latest Maxi Skirts to Wear this Summer 2015-2016

One of the most comfortable and versatile garment from your wardrobe is the maxi skirt. It’s worth mentioning that the maxi skirt emphasizes the strengths of any type of silhouette and perfectly fits any fashion style. This piece of outfit is not just one of the most comfortable pieces of outfit from your closet but […]

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