Day: February 17, 2015

Wedge Sandals for Women 2015

The warm season also brings a certain freedom when it comes to your footwear. Whether you are going shopping, at your job or you are just having a walk, you can always count on the wedge sandals. This type of sandals has the advantage that it can offer you an extraordinary comfort wherever you will […]

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Best Summer Fragrance for Women 2015

The perfume is no doubt an important part of any woman’s image, preoccupied by fashion and her look. A summer perfume is of course a special one, a lot more different than a fragrance designed for the cold season. The summer perfume is of course fresher, lighter than a fragrance for the rest of the […]

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Sleeveless Dresses To Wear This Summer 2015-2016

Sleeveless dresses are definitely a staple for your summer wardrobe. This dress does not have arm covering but does feature fabric that goes over the top of the shoulders to the back. They are very sensual, comfortable and versatile. You can wear it of course in other seasons than summer, for example in spring you […]

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