Day: January 24, 2015

How to Dress if you have Large Hips

Many women are unsatisfied of their hips, thinking that they are either too wide or too small. Today I want to help with some tips those who think that their hips are too large. Your waist is, if you would like, your strongest point so don’t hesitate to highlight it. You should wear long cardigans, […]

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Evening Dresses 2015

An evening dress equals, if you would like, femininity and elegance. No matter the shape and dimensions of a woman’s body, she can look wonderful in a well chosen evening dress. When you hurry to buy or tailor a dress, be careful to the style you choose and the dress type. You can be if […]

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Tips to Look Taller

Many women, although they have a nice silhouette, feel uncomfortable because they are not tall enough. In this respect, here are some tips that will make you look a little taller: – One single color outfits will help your silhouette look taller by creating an optical illusion of verticality. – Avoid too wide belts on […]

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Spring Latest Fashion Trends 2015

The majority of women are looking forward for the arrival of the spring. And yes, you need to refresh your wardrobe into this season so you have to be aware of the latest trends. Here are some fashion trends for the spring of 2015: Suede coats – You may choose any color but even the […]

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Office Bag – Always Present in your Day to Day Look

The bags are very important accessories and give elegance to any outfit. Indeed, the office bags define the success and personality of any woman. These are a few example of quality office bags for women with large discounts (70% and more) : No matter what model you will choose, important is to choose one made […]

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