Day: January 11, 2015

Accessory of the week – The belt – an useful and important accessory for men

In order to be elegant, you should start wearing the right accessories. The belt is no doubt a very important accessory for any man. The first thing you should think about is where you will wear it. If you know this aspect then you can think how the belt should look like. Usually, if you […]

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How to Accessorize the Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a piece of outfit that seems to never go out of style. Therefore, having one into your closet is a must. But how do we accessorize it correctly and inspired? Well, yes, this issue is an important one on which it depends a lot the way you will look. 1. […]

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Spring Sweater for Young Men

Comfortable and very chic, the sweaters for young men are still into the 2015’s trends.

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Mary Jane Shoes 2016 Latest Trends

As I’ve already mentioned into the title of this article, Mary Jane shoes are comfortable and versatile. That they are comfortable is very easy to check, it is something already obvious for everybody. What can be less obvious is that they are very versatile. Indeed, they can be easily matched with many other pieces of […]

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Accessory of the week – Plastic Band Watches for Women

When it comes to accessories, women are extremely advantaged. The range they have at their disposal is very wide. You must know the following aspect: initially, the watches were created to be worn by men (the pocket watches). Slowly, they conquered the fashion world for women. Today I want to discuss about the watches with […]

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