2015 Perfume Trends

Fragrance lovers are very excited with what 2015 will bring.There are so many perfume houses on the market. I find somewhat a lottery to sustain certain that you can accurately predict their evolution.

Still, I believe that spring of 2015 looks like it will bring a cavalcade of light, and fresh perfumes, perfect for this season. In fact it is only natural considering that is the trend in recent years. And by the way linked to the trend, here are some perfumes of spring that will maintain in trend for the spring of 2015:

Issey Miyake L’eau D’issey
spring fragrance for men  2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
ultimate fragrance for spring 2015

Moschino Couture
ultimate fragrance for spring 2015-2016

Regarding the summer of 2015 major trend is to go the natural shades, which is gratifying. Rose and Mint are apparently base notes for most of the perfume houses.

Summer fragrance which will maintain in trend could be:

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Parfum
calvin klein

Vera Wang Love Struck Floral Rush Women
summer fragrance for women 2015-2016

Valentino Valentina Assoluto Eau De Parfums
ultimate summer fragrance for women 2015-2016

Regarding fall winter 2015-2016 season the major trend of the last years trends continue emphasizing the sophisticated and sensual sensations. Here are some interesting fragrance which will be in trend :

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau De Parfum
orchid tom ford

BURBERRY for Women
fall winter fragrance for women 2015-2016

Christian Dior J’Adore Eau De Parfum
fragrance 2015

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