Day: November 26, 2014

Leather gloves for women 2015

It is obvious for everybody the importance of gloves during the cold season. Speaking of the history of gloves, the opinions are different. Some say that they were used back to the Egyptian pyramids, others had found proves during the Homer’s Odyssey, as Laertes wore gloves into the garden to avoid thorns and brambles. Whether […]

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Multi finger rings 2015

This is a special jewelry for bold and daring women. Here are some interesting models for 2015: If you want to be chic and you are a nonconformist woman, don’t avoid multi finger rings.

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Mufflers for women 2015

If you would ask me, the muffler is more than a simple accessory. It is a piece of outfit very helpful during the cold season. The muffler can be characterized the best by one single word: versatility. Indeed, it can be worn on various occasions and with many outfit combinations.

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Ear warmers for women 2015

Well … yes, we are in the middle of the cold season and if you don’t like wearing hats because they can ruin your hairstyle, try some ear warmers. I identify 5 extraordinary benefits of ear warmers: 1. obvious, they protect you from wind and cold – yes, it is true, actually the main advantage […]

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