Day: November 15, 2014

Business Clothing Combinations for Women 2015

The way you dress at work is still an issue for many women. This happens even more if you work in an office-business environment. Your image when working in such a field is very important so you must pay the proper attention to it. About the importance of an office outfit we have already talked […]

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Men’s Winter Coat 2018

I have said it many times already that fashion on catwalks is one thing and fashion on the street is another. And this is applicable not only for women but for men also. Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be informed and you shouldn’t inspire as much as you can from Milano, Paris or […]

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Winter Boots for Men 2015

Winter season is a challenge. I’m saying that because we must endure the cold and the wind, two enemies not only for our health but for our outfit too. Try to maintain your style and to be chic even during the winter and you will have many benefits from that. Today we will talk about […]

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