Day: November 13, 2014

Skinny boyfriend jeans 2015

I believe that all women love jeans. And this applies even more if we are talking about boyfriend jeans. Skinny boyfriend jeans are the very well known boyfriend jeans that are slightly tighter on the waist and legs. In my opinion, the skinny version of boyfriend jeans is more feminine so there is a double […]

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How to wear asymmetrical skirt

Sophisticated, interesting but also chic at the very same time, asymmetrical skirt is within the trends for some years now. Known also as “high-low skirt”, the asymmetrical skirt is actually a skirt with a hem that is higher in the front or side, than in the back. The asymmetrical skirt trend is relatively recent as […]

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Men’s Harrington Jacket 2016

A Harrington Jacket is a short waist jacket, made of cotton, polyester, wool or suede, usually with material model “tartan”, a model which consists of vertical and horizontal stripes overlaid with a wide range of colors. Versatile and very comfortable, the Harrington Jacket is an excellent choice for a man who loves to dress trendy. […]

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Men’s beanie hat 2015

This type of hat is very practical and this is why it is so common everywhere. Its versatility makes it perfect for all ages and social status.

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Trendy hats for women 2015

Hats are for sure an important part of our outfit. Some specialists are saying that woman’s headwear is making an immense comeback within the trends. Wide brim Fedora Derby hat Boater hat Many designers inspire themselves a lot from the retro trends for the year 2015. There are many alternatives on the market so you […]

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