Day: November 8, 2014

Women’s denim trucker jacket 2015

I don’t know about you, but I love denim trucker jackets. Indeed, many women are crazy over this kind of jacket. And I find it natural to be this way since we are dealing with a jacket which is: – versatile – durable – good value for the money – chic – always trendy Denim […]

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Spring blazers for women 2015

Blazers are extraordinary versatile and succeed to perfectly complete your outfit. Spring is an extraordinary season and if you want to be chic, try to get friendly with the blazer. Indeed, our website magazine readers know that I am a huge fan of blazers. So, be confident because a tuxedo blazer, a classic blazer or […]

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How to dress for a jogging session

Health should be the number one priority for everybody so even if you are a fashion addict you should take care about this aspect. In order to maintain your health it will be best to keep working out. I personally consider jogging to be the handiest solution when you want to exercise. And because you […]

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Young girl’s jeans in winter 2019

There is no doubt that jeans are known very well by women from all meridians. And yes, today I will talk about young women’s preference for jeans, about how extremely loved and fitted they are for them. Actually, jeans are and will always be trendy. Probably the most important quality of jeans (except being very […]

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