Day: October 21, 2014

Ladies white T-shirts 2015

As Coco Chanel once said, “you only need just a white T-shirt”. Yes, indeed, even if you are a woman, a white T-shirt should be a very important part of your wardrobe. No matter the season, the white T-shirt is very helpful, obvious more during the warm one. Some fashion experts have stated that “white […]

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Spring wide leg trousers 2015

The spring comes with the sun and the throwing of thick clothes into the winter wardrobe. If you want to be trendy, don’t neglect the trousers, especially wide leg trousers. I personally enjoy very much this type of pants because they have a vintage look. Great designers have brought within their collection many models of […]

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Spring casual shoes for men 2015

One of the most important characteristics of casual shoes is how comfortable they are. And yes, shoes worn in spring should be comfortable too. During the spring of 2015, casual shoes are the trendiest ones. Talking about the comfort, this is given by the characteristics and quality of the shoes. Wearing a comfy footwear is […]

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Denim jackets for young women

No matter of the season, I find denim jackets to be an important presence among my outfit combos. This type of jacket completes very well your outfit. In addition, I don’t know if you are aware of it, but they are very easy to match with other clothes too. I bet that, if you are […]

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Why women should wear a blazer?

If you want to be trendy, then, among your preferences, you must include the blazer. I find this piece of outfit to be not only very chic but extremely versatile too. Why a woman should wear a blazer, you might ask. Well, the answer lies within you. I mean, think for a second what a […]

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