Day: October 10, 2014

Accessory of the week – Mittens for ladies

Because the cold season has approached, we need to concern more about our outfit in order to be protected from cold. One of the accessories that I like a lot because it makes winter more bearable is the mittens. Mittens are (according to protective clothing used to cover the hand. The word is usually […]

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Women’s flip-flops 2019

If you think about something practical and comfortable for you feet, then surely the first thing that comes into your mind is a pair of flip-flops. If you see this only from a fashion addict point of view, you can say about flip-flops that not only are they very comfortable, but very trendy too since […]

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Fur Winter Coat for Ladies 2015-2016

Winter is no doubt a challenging season when it comes to get dressed. One of the hardest aspects is staying trendy. Well yes, I’ve said that because the cold season offers less options than other seasons do when it comes to highlight your outfits and your creativity on making various combinations. The fur coat is […]

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Women’s Sport Bra for Gym 2015-2016

Doing workout is practically a habit nowadays. It stopped long time ago being just a caprice or a trend, it is actually, a healthy life style now. Along with the gym bag you also need a proper gym equipment. And of course, among the gym’s equipment, a very important role it has the sport bra. […]

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