Day: October 9, 2014

Something to wear for a casual-sport event

We all like to be chic and trendy no matter our age. So, whether we are talking about a fancy party or just going shopping, we like to be dressed elegant and with good taste. If we are to talk about an event where you have to wear a casual-sport outfit, you’ll need to have […]

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Clutches – latest trends 2019

Do you wear clutches? I personally love them very much because, in my opinion, they are some extremely practical and chic accessories. Basically they don’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe nowadays. Also, I consider them to be extremely easy to match with different pieces of outfit. This is a highly important aspect and of course […]

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Winter blazers for women 2014-2015

A blazer is an extremely appreciated piece of outfit, very much worn during the winter. And since, the cold season is a little more difficult, your entire wardrobe suffers drastic changes. During the latest years the blazer is definitely ruling the women’s clothing style. This piece of outfit has become a first-rate for any wardrobe, […]

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Hand wrists watches under 150$

The watch is definitely a very useful accessory but it stopped long time ago to be just an object which informs you strictly about the time. Therefore it is preferable to have more than one watch in order to accessorize it accordingly to the event you’re going. Here are some brands which I consider to […]

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