Day: September 23, 2014

Winter scarf styles – winter 2019

The scarf is no doubt one of the most common accessories, which usually don’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe. This accessory has a lot of qualities but I will refer only to some of them now. For start, I am mainly thinking about its versatility. Scarves can be worn on many occasions. Plus, they are […]

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Maxi skirt – can’t miss from your wardrobe

No doubt that maxi skirt is an extremely loved piece of outfit. You must know that for a lot of women it represents the starting point of the outfit’s creation process. This type of skirt is trendy for quite some years already. It is successfully maintaining itself into the preferences of women all over the […]

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Best women fragrances launched in 2014

There are few women in world which are not crazy in loved with perfumes. Exactly, the majority of the ladies are for ever and ever in loved with charming liquid which make our lives more beautiful. In this article I want to present you a few perfumes launched in 2014, there are only ones which […]

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