Day: September 11, 2014

Winter Beanie Hat for Ladies 2015-2016

The cold season’s main characteristic is its low temperature and cold wind. In this respect, it’s highly important to pay attention what you’re wearing in order to protect you from cold. To also protect your head from the low temperatures I am recommending from the bottom of my heart the beanie hat. This is a […]

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Women’s bracelet – latest trends 2019

Bracelets are an accessory which, used with creativity and intelligence can save the day. Actually I dare to say that all accessories should have this quality. Coming back to bracelets, my favorites are the gold ones because this is an easy to match metal and is also resistant to impurities and dirt. Bracelets can be […]

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Women’s cap – latest trends 2019

I consider caps to be a very important accessory not only for men but for women also. And I’m saying that because at some point, caps were considered to fit men more than women. This is totally wrong my dear friends, caps are very chic and, keep this in mind, very useful. I’ve said useful […]

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