Day: August 15, 2014

Men’s cufflinks

Men have at their disposal little jewelry. But, among all the accessories which they can wear, I found cufflinks to be quite special. And I’m saying this without worrying to be wrong because such an accessory can bring a lot of advantages to the image of a man. I’ll try to enumerate some of them […]

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Winter Coats for men 2015-2016

I believe there are few people who enjoy the cold season. But, no matter your preference, I consider to be very important to be well prepared when winter comes. With this article I want to stress out the importance of a winter coat for men. Most men are often carrying a great deal of activities […]

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High heels at interviews?

Interviews, like it or not, are important events in our career. They can be even decisive for our career actually. About the right outfit when going to an interview we’ve already discussed in detail a while ago. Today I’d like to stress out that it isn’t mandatory to wear high heels to an interview. And […]

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Why you should wear a cap

The cap is no doubt a common accessory. I want to stress out that a cap is also very useful. Here are the main reasons why I consider caps to be so useful: – They are extremely versatile and you can wear them on many occasions while being able to match them easily too – […]

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