Day: May 30, 2014

Maxi skirt – perfect for summer?

Yes, indeed, in my opinion, maxi skirts are very good for summer time. Here are some advantages of maxi skirts: – If you choose the right material, they can be very useful during the summer because they will protect you from the sun lights which can be harmful – They are versatile – yes, this […]

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Which are most comfortable shoes? Maybe, ballet shoes?

Today I would like to give you a suggestion for a possible ranking. My proposal is the following: ballet shoes or Mary Jane shoes as they are also called. The comfort of your feet is a very important aspect even more when you have a demanding job which implies to walk or to stand a […]

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Women’s mufflers fall 2014-2015

The muffler is an accessory which helps you look chic even when it’s really cold outside. With the arrival of fall, the cold starts to be felt. That’s why you have to dress appropriately in order to protect yourself from getting a cold. I personally like a lot the muffler because it can complete your […]

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