Day: May 28, 2014

Major benefits of scarves

The scarf is definitely an extremely trendy accessory within the fashion world. I consider that, from all the accessories which you can think of, the scarf it’s the cheapest of all (and therefore the handiest) which can make your entire outfit to look better. You only need a little creativity for that. I won’t start […]

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What type of pants should we wear this fall 2014-2015

If the warm season is a very comfortable one from all points of view, when fall comes we have more and more outfit aspects to be worried about. Some specialists are saying that actually, this fall’s fashion is all about a key element: the pants. The history of women pants The history of this piece […]

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Free wire bras 2014-2015

History of the bra The history of this important feminine accessory starts more than 100 years ago, around the 1900. The first person who created something which looks like a bra was French woman Herminie Cadolle, who designed the mother of today’s bra, called at that time: “soutien-gorge”. At first, the bra wasn’t even close […]

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