Day: March 11, 2014

What shoes should you wear at a picnic?

About the way you should dress to a picnic we have already discussed. Today we will talk about the footwear for a picnic. Considering that such an activity requires going out into the nature, it’s best you should wear a comfortable pair of shoes. Therefore, sport footwear like some running shoes will be perfect. In […]

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Ballet shoes – ready for standing up all day?

If you have a job which requires standing up all day, then you surely have to be preoccupied very seriously about your footwear. Standing up all day means a huge stress on: – soles – legs – spine – ankles These have been said, the main characteristic of the footwear you will wear has to […]

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Men’s T-shirt 2014

Once we’ve passed the cold season, T-shirts are a must not only for men, but for women also.

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