Day: September 26, 2013

Fashion and its ambition

Fashion it’s more than a phenomenon, it’s a way of living for a lot of young women and men from all over the world. Fashion it’s not just the knowledge and also the art of knowing how to dress, but also a way to express yourself. It’s great to know how to dress no matter […]

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Bag trends for autumn-winter 2013

Bags were and will remain one of the most important pieces from our accessory collection. The trends for the autumn-winter 2013 season are at least interesting if not unexpected. And I’m saying this in the good way. Colors Although we are talking about the cold season, surprisingly, the trend is to brighten up the colors. […]

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The most common fragrances for women

Today I’d like to talk about the most used perfumes for ladies and young women. Well yes, I’m referring to the most common quality fragrances used by us all and the people around us. And I’m talking about our friends, our work colleagues, our college colleagues, our neighbors, our relatives or our simple acquaintances. I […]

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What should I choose: over the knee boots or knee high?

Boots are definitely an important piece of resistance from our closet. They have always saved us when we’re running out of time and don’t know what to wear no matter the season, but especially during the winter. Moreover, once with the starting of the autumn, boots become a usual accessory for us. We are talking […]

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Fashion industry – winning or loosing?

According to the New York Magazine, the fashion industry at world wide level suffered in 2012 a loss of 9 billion dollars because of bought, worn and returned products. This bad habit which brings a lot of losses has become common not only in the US but also in Europe. Rich Mellon, vice-president at the […]

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